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Where Passion Takes The Lead

We are a nonprofit and a community built on diversity, equity, and inclusion, where educators, parents, and schools come together on a mission to discuss children's learning in the new normal.

Tagpros Children is a Professional Learning Community (PLC) of teachers, parents, and education stakeholders.

We are a non-profit organization headquartered in Manila, Philippines; and have a satellite office in Fairfax, Virginia USA.

Our Mission Vision


To create practices, programs, and partnerships to foster an inspired learning environment for teachers, parents and children.


To build a learning community where teachers and children can access the best digital learning experience from anywhere.

We use the power of collaboration and the fundamentals of a Professional Learning Community

As the pandemic surges, Philippine teachers continue to struggle in conveying lessons and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) online. While the Dept. of Education provides PDs (Professional Development) for teachers and instructions to parents to learn how to teach virtually and at home, Tagpros Children is supplementing this initiative through the creation of online nationwide PLC (Professional Learning Community) workshops to support online teaching, integrate home support, and insert SEL in pedagogies.

"It takes a village to raise a child."

Our Rationale

Why did we do it?

Social distancing resulted in the abrupt, required transition to online learning and the dependence on instructional technology. As teachers were thrust to teach students virtually, Tagpros Children believes that PLCs must not stop and must be embedded in all online capacity building initiatives to stimulate meaningful conversations around best practices in virtual learning.

How does it work?

Tagpros Children's Online PLC program presents outstanding teachers, parents, and school leaders in the Philippines. Discussions and presentations are streaming live in YouTube and Facebook four times a month. Each PLC workshops uses reflective practice through exit surveys and feedbacks.

The LEADER model uses framework of leading question, engagement, action research, discussion, examples, and reflection with a focus on transformation of instruction and building instructional capacity. Live chat conversations of teachers provides different ideas that aids them to meet students’ needs in home learning environments, which is something they were never prepared to do.

Nonetheless, to support and strengthen the development of our online PLCs, Tagpros Children will be rolling out its own Learning Management System to provide a passion-based platform where teachers hone and develop best practices; and provide academic and social-emotional learning support for their students outside of school.

How has it been spreading?

Page views and attendance of our recent PLC workshops on "Amplifying Cross-Curricular Projects Through Creative Expression and Social-Emotional Learning," & "Techniques in Integrating Online Learning and Music," garnered between 5,000 to 6,000 views on Youtube from June 5-18, which is projected to reach 30,000-50,000 by end of July 2021; and over 200,000 by December as teachers from all over the country share the replay episodes in their social media accounts.

Facebook (FB), the most widely used social media in the Philippines, spread our initiatives in a couple of days to almost 100,000 individuals; garnered over 1,300 engagements with over 5,000 page views through organic and virtual sharing only; and without boosting or any paid advertisements.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Join and register in our workshops and PLCs via Tagpros.Org. In addition, you may also find our PLCs and workshop schedules through Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Linkedin by searching Tagpros. Further, sometime August 2021, we will be rolling out our Tagpros Children LMS (Learning Management System) so you can create your own account and join our passion-based initiatives online.

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