Tips for Excelling in Distance Learning

by Matthew Palabrica

With the pandemic still showing no signs of ending, students are left with no choice but to endure more months of distance learning. While this has been a difficult challenge for a lot of children across the country, it remains the most feasible option given the current situation. Students who have struggled with distance learning must take steps to alleviate the difficult circumstances and succeed even in these trying times because, if it wasn’t obvious before, distance learning is a wholly different challenge to physical classes. With that, here are several things each student should practice in order to ace distance learning. Note that while these may not necessarily solve the problem of economic problems, they can most certainly ease them to an extent. The first is to practice self-discipline. In distance learning, students are required to learn mostly by themselves. They will not be supervised by their teacher most of the time. Now, while students may feel like this is a good thing at first, this can be a challenge for them in the long run. Being stuck at home, the temptation of slacking, sleeping, cramming, and getting themselves distracted can be a huge obstacle to them excelling. They must be able to strictly stay awake, allot enough time for their studies, and avoid distractions as much as they can. Next, students must also practice time management. This is something that’s related to the first tip. A key component of self-discipline is to be able to manage your time well. This involves prioritizing your workload and giving yourself enough time to finish it, while also allowing yourself to rest so that you’re able to preserve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. To be able to balance both is a challenge, but if done right, it is a significant step towards being a successful student. Finally, students must learn to be independent. As previously mentioned, there are no teachers physically present to supervise students and guide them through their learning materials. Parents, while always willing to help their children, will not always be available to assist them. They must be able to learn on their own. With these three tips in mind, students should be able to maximize their potential and capabilities in under such difficult circumstances. Furthermore, these three are important traits when it comes to individual growth. So having children practice them from an early age wouldn’t be too bad.