Will the Massive Spike in CoViD-19 Infections Impact Learning in the Long Run?

by Matthew Palabrica

Today, the Philippines broke a grim record. With an additional 7,999 positive CoViD-19 cases reported today, we surpassed the previous record of most positive cases in a single day of 7,103. If this was not bad enough, we should also take note that said previous record was set just yesterday. After over a year, there has been barely any improvement in terms of daily infections the past year. And then, with a huge spike in infections these past few weeks, all remaining hope for a swift return to normal life has been all but diminished. With this in mind, let’s think about how this can affect our kids’ learning. After enduring over a year of being stuck at home, children are now itching to get outside. A lot of kids have struggled with this during quarantine, and the thought of being there any longer won’t be good for them. Their mental and emotional states are already strained as it is. Furthermore, kids have also struggled with distance learning. Aside from the lack of gadgets, children are also forced to learn on their own. If this was not the case, their parents are forced to take up the teacher role, even after a long day at work. The recent spike of cases doesn’t give us any hope in terms of these problems about education being solved in the near future. Unless the government comes up with a good alternative or response, then we should expect more of the same problems in the coming months. Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN News