Toys: Outdated or Not?

by Matthew Palabrica

Today’s children have been buying less and less toys than ever before. It has been a noticeable trend that today’s young parents had a significantly larger toy collection compared to before. If you’ve also noticed this, then you’ve probably deduced that this has been a result of the emergence of electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These gadgets, which have become more and more accessible to the general public over the last decade or so, have so many functions that children find enjoyable. They can play games, watch videos, and read from these gadgets. So it is no wonder that their emergence has almost rendered toys obsolete. However, toys have uses that can also be found in these gadgets. They allow a child to explore their imagination, for example. Also, some toys, like Lego blocks, give children the chance to develop their own creative skills by giving them a medium to construct any structure their young imaginations can conjure up. Furthermore, some toys, like balls and bikes, keep children active and healthy, while also improving their motor skills. A lot of young parents still have their toys. We are aware that the transition to electronic gadgets is already at a stage where we can say that it’s inevitable. However, it wouldn’t hurt to introduce the kids to some toys, so to the parents, maybe you should dust them off and give them to their children. Allow your electronics to rest.