Passion learning: What is it?

by Matthew Palabrica

In our last article, we gave you guys a short intro on supplemental learning. We now know how it should be considered an option for those of you who can access it. It’s highly recommended for children who are bored, and for parents who want their children to stay productive. Now in line with that, we are introducing you to a fun little bit of supplemental learning. We’re gonna call this one, passion learning. Passion learning is using the things you love as an opportunity to increase your knowledge. Taking something you’re passionate about and turning it into a way to grow. It sounds like something too good to be true. But, with the countless options given to us by technology right now, we assure you, it very much exists. A prime example of this is video games. Video games have been perceived as detrimental for a child’s growth for the longest time. However, recent advancements in game content have exposed players to more learning opportunities while playing at the same time. Minecraft, for example, is a game that a lot of kids have been playing right now. The game, which lets players create their own world and structures, using blocks, has been praised for allowing its players to express their creative juices. Minecraft has also been used by several competitions as a medium for making creative and innovative structures. Truly, games like this are no longer the “wastes of time” we perceived them to be.