How Will Having Varying Academic Calendars Impact The Learning of Children?

by Matthew Palabrica

The pandemic is still going on, and the effects of it cannot be understated. The effects on almost every aspect of our life will be long-term. They will change the very way we lead our lives, long after the pandemic is over. However, there are also short-term effects that we should worry about now. One of them is the effects of calendar shifts of schools. At first glance, this does not seem like a big problem. However, upon taking a closer look, the effects begin to show themselves. First off, there is a significant financial impact, especially at the grassroots level. Families, especially those with multiple children going to school, will have to alter their entire annual budgets. This may mean possible additional expenses on top of the burden that is remote learning. Next up, children will also risk being delayed. This would have a significant long-term impact because it will extend their stay in school and prevent them from getting employed and providing for their families in the future. And finally, this also has the possibility of coinciding with weather issues. For example, there is a possibility that face-to-face classes, upon return, will coincide with the peak of monsoon season, which will be a nightmare for students and their families. This is just a relatively small effect of the pandemic, but when we analyze it deeper, it already has significant repercussions. This is but one of many challenges we are all forced to face in these strange times.