Virtual Tools for Teaching

by Christian Manansala

Tagpros’ popular tools to support your teaching in January 2021. There are many apps and websites that support teachers in offering an engaging learning experience. This is a selection that is popular with Tagpros teachers. Every tool has tradeoffs: while these tools offer unique features, it may prove a challenge if learners need to independently access and use them. Quiz or Review tools These sites allow teachers to create multiple choice/quiz games for students. Many also have games that are already created that can be used by teachers. It may be best if students have a secondary device, but they can split the screen and participate that way as well. Kahoot: Quizziz: Socrative: Quizalize: Quizlet: Gimkit: Interactive Presentations: Teachers can create interactive presentations that allow the kids to directly participate in the class through quizzes, games, etc. There is a teacher and student view, so the students log on to their own view of the presentation which can be confusing for students if not well detailed. Round Me: This site gives 360 degree panoramic views of many places on earth. Like Google Earth but more vivid pictures and details. Interactive Bulletin Board: Student and teachers can work collaboratively to create boards. They can contain links, videos, documents, and pictures. This would be a great way for kids to use together to create a project, a museum display, brainstorm for KWL, etc. Making Videos Interactive: This site allows you to take video from different sources and clip it or add comprehension questions to it that can be graded for you. It has a component like an LMS but is really more about the videos. Scavenger Hunt: Teachers can create a scavenger hunt for learners. They submit photos as evidence. Could be used for vocabulary, foreign language, real-life situations, just for fun, etc! Interactive Timeline: Teachers can create an outline for learners to move through, or students can create outlines themselves. You can aggregate multiple resources to put on the timeline. This can be used for anything you would teach in a progression. Flippity Net: The site has numerous different apps that allow teachers to create review games, timelines, even a scavenger hunt based on templates created on Google Spreadsheets. Deck Toys: This site allows you to use several different resources and interactive activities to either teach new material or review content. It’s a little more time consuming than some, but also gives you lots of different options to use like jigsaw puzzles, matching, game show, multiple choice, etc. Other lesson plan ideas Socratic Smackdown: Provides handouts and directions for how to have a discussion like a Socratic seminar or fishbowl. Would need some adaptations for an online classroom. Newspaper: Students can write up a newspaper article and it generates a picture of it, just like a newspaper. The clapperboard allows students to put on information for a film they may be shooting. Other tools are just kind of fun/funny. Links to Tagpros Webinars and Youtube Videos: YouTube Playlist Our channel contains links to past webinars that teachers can use to learn about different aspects of Tagpros and get tips to improve the teaching methods online. If you have other sites you feel would help teachers, please let us know by sending your ideas to We will review them and add ones that fit our mission and goals.