Biden’s COViD Response Committee Gives Americans Newfound Hope

by Christian Manansala

Just a few days after he was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential elections, President-Elect Joe Biden has already named his COViD task force that will spearhead his administration’s handling of the pandemic. The list includes Food and Drug Administration official Luciana Borio, vaccine specialist Rick Bright, and surgeon Atul Gawande, among other renowned doctors and health experts from both US and international organizations. From the earliest parts of his campaign, Biden has stressed the need for giving the COViD-19 pandemic more attention. He has stated that he will make responding to the pandemic one of the main priorities should he be elected. And after winning the election, Biden has immediately set to work fulfilling that promise. This comes as a fresh ray of hope for Americans who have been significantly impacted by the pandemic. With schools and businesses closing, unemployment rising, and the economy worsening, Biden’s creation of a COViD-19 task force this early in his transition period is a sign that he wishes to hold true to his vow of giving the pandemic all the attention he can give. Let us all hope that this turns out for the best.