Education an Important Talking Point in Upcoming Elections

by Matthew Palabrica

With the US presidential elections just around the corner, one of the most important, and admittedly often ignored, issues over the course of the campaign period is the respective education plans of the candidates. This issue should always be at the forefront because we should be well-informed in our decisions. A vote in the right direction is an investment for our children’s future. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the main candidates’ respective platforms. Incumbent president Donald Trump is banking on the successful implementation of his administration’s Every Student Succeeds Acts, which empowered states to adjust to the needs of their respective students. The Trump administration also notably allowed the issuance of Pell grants in all semesters. On the other hand, Democratic candidate Joe Biden gave five goals he has set for the education system if he wins. In his website, they are as follows: “Support our educators by giving them the pay and dignity they deserve. Invest in resources for our schools so our students grow into physically and emotionally healthy adults, and educators can focus on teaching. Ensure that no child’s future is determined by their zip code, parent’s income, race, or disability. Provide every middle and high school student a path to a successful future. Start investing in our children at birth.” This election period, let us all bear in mind that our votes will have a significant impact not only for us, but for our children. Vote for our future.