US Schools in the Dark

by Matthew Palabrica

After more than two months, schools across the United States are still struggling to keep track of the rate of COViD-19 infection amongst its students. With cases across the country still steadily rising, schools have no definite number of infected students and personnel, and no way of tracing the spread of cases. This poses an immediate and obvious threat to our children. Since they are considered to be immunocompromised, children are significantly more susceptible to the virus, and should be protected at all costs. Furthermore, schools are large gathering centers, from which the virus could spread to over a thousand households in a single day. As we go along in this school year, we must take steps to protect our children. We highly encourage that you make sure your children wear masks, practice physical distancing, and wash their hands at all times. These are strange and dangerous times. A little extra precaution would do a lot.