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Let's create better Online Distance Learning experiences together. Learn more about the Tagpros Children Webinar Series and help us by donating to the cause.

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We care about one thing:

The children

We are a nonprofit and a community built on diversity, equity, and inclusion, where educators, parents, and schools come together on a mission to discuss children's learning in the new normal.

We work closely with:

Retail and Merchandise

Tagpros Children allows teachers to teach with passion using online distance learning methods.

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Students get to learn about topics they are passionate about using the power of technology.

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Parents place their trust on the learning materials provided by the Tagpros Children Pioneers.

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The Tagpros Children Initiative

We believe that it takes a village to raise a child. We’re working to meet our stakeholders' needs in all sorts of ways: educating their teachers, providing enrichment to their parents, collaborating with their schools, and creating experiences that bring families of all shapes, sizes, and colors together.

Meet The Team

The Tagpros Children Team is comprised of highly experienced educators and executives from various backgrounds. The team tirelessly enables our Tagpros Children Pioneers to create online webinar-workshop series designed to assist teachers with strategies when it comes to engaging their students online.